Who are we and what do we do?

Rob Bence


Rob B is the founder of RMP Property, a property investment company that sources buy-to-let investments for hundreds of clients every year.

His property career began nearly ten years ago, when he worked for national investment firms while building his own portfolio. After seeing too many sleazy salesmen pushing through dodgy, unsuitable investments they barely understood, he decided it was time to strike out on his own and start his own company.

RMP is based on the simple idea that if you genuinely help people have a better financial future, you’ll never be short of clients (and you won’t feel so rubbish about yourself, either).

Along with Rob Dix, he’s also a director of Yellow Lettings – a letting agency and property management company that specialises in providing a consistently excellent UK-wide service for portfolio landlords.

Rob Dix


Rob D called his blog Property Geek – and the fact that it’s a label he actively encourages tells you a lot about the way he thinks.

While building his own portfolio over the last ten years, he’s made it his business to learn everything he possibly can about property investment – digging deep into the data and seeking out the UK’s leading experts to help him make smarter investment decisions.

He’s channeled this obsessiveness and collective expertise into three best-selling books: Property Investment For Beginners, The Complete Guide To Property Investment, and Beyond The Bricks.

He’s also the director of LendSwift – a bridging finance company.

Why invest in property?

Property investment can be life-changing. Get it right and it can mean a second income, a secure retirement, or a new career.

But get it wrong and it can be a huge source of stress and financial strain. We’ve seen both sides, and found that all the horror stories have the same things in common: lack of preparation, lack of research and lack of a solid plan.

Here’s the problem: too many people don’t look beyond common statements like “you can’t go wrong with bricks and mortar” – and they put more time into researching their next holiday than they do which property to buy.

That’s why we started The Property Hub: to bring together all the information you could possibly need to succeed in property… and to make it so simple and fun that you actually want to invest your time before you invest your money.

We’ve gone a bit overboard

When we start going on about property, it’s hard to shut us up. The Property Hub started as a single half-hour podcast, but we kept finding more to say. Four years on, it’s spiralled into…

• An online community with over 20,000 members.

• A twice-weekly podcast with 500 five-star reviews and 100,000 listeners each month.

• Three of the UK’s most popular property investment books.

• A quarterly print magazine.

• More than 35 free monthly property meetups across the country.

Although the The Property Hub started out as just two guys yakking about property, we’ve had a lot of help from the 20,000-strong community in turning it into a truly special resource.

Whatever you want to know about property, you’ll probably find it here…

…and the only challenge is knowing where to start.

So we recommend you start here: tell us a bit about you, and we’ll direct you towards the information you need to take the next step in your property investment journey.