3rd January, 2019 BACK TO ALL PODCASTS

Happy New Year! We’re starting 2019 off with a bang and are reviewing the property predictions we made last year.

This is quite possibly the most nervous part of the year for Rob & Rob! Did they get their property predictions spot on, or should they keep quiet next time? Let’s find out…

Last year Rob B predicted Liverpool would be in the top 3 cities for growth this year. Was he right? Did his other two choices make the cut?

And what about growth? The Robs had different perspectives on what they expected from the 2018 property market – did either of them get it right on the money?

There were also bold claims made about the London property market too, with Rob D predicting that it’ll be outperformed by every other region of England (excluding Scotland and Wales). It’s no secret that London has taken a hit over the past 12 months, but each time Rob D has made this prediction, the capital has continued on an upwards trend. Have the tables finally turned?

The Robs didn’t stop there either. Rob B also made comments about mainstream lenders entering the limited company market. Are there more of them? Or have they not opened their doors just yet?

If that wasn’t enough, they also covered Bitcoin and the stock market. So if you listened at the start of this year, sit back and hit play to find out just how right (or wrong) The Robs got their predictions.

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