10th January, 2019 BACK TO ALL PODCASTS

After reviewing last years 2018 predictions and being pretty spot on with what they said at the beginning of last year, The Robs are hoping to do the same again.

But before they delve into the main Property Podcast, The Robs discuss their top news story this week which covers everyone’s favourite subject – UK house prices. Click here to see if the value of your home will change in 2019.

So, onto the main topic – 2019 property predictions. What have Rob & Rob chosen as their top hotspots?

Have they played it safe or have they really delved into some interesting and undiscovered new locations that buy to let investors should be considering?

Have they thrown a curveball and included any southern locations?

You’ll have to hit the play button to find out.

Hub Extra: As always, we’re delivering you extra value. And this week, our helpful resource shows you how much time you spend online – quite insightful (or terrifying) dependent on your online habits. Click here to give it a go.

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