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Welcome to episode 300 of The Property Podcast – what a huge milestone! Today we’re giving you aspiring and experienced buy to let property investors the 5 most important property lessons we’ve learnt over the years… and that you should have learnt too.

As always, we’re kicking off today’s Property Podcast with the news. This week’s story comes from Letting Agent Today where they reveal where to find the highest buy to let rental yields.

So, if you’re looking for the hottest locations to invest, hit the link and listen to today’s Property Podcast to find out.

As the title suggests, today’s topic is the 5 most important property lessons Rob & Rob have learnt:

  1. Going too early – particularly with predictions.
  2. Switching strategy.
  3. Never selling a property… sort of.
  4. Standards are low EVERYWHERE in property.
  5. The podcast win is a win.   

And to deliver you some extra value this week, here are the 5 most important property investment lessons we hope we’ve given you:

  1. The importance of goals – take a trip back to TPP 015
  2. The 18 year property cycle – a topic so good, we covered it twice – here and here.
  3. North/South divideclick here and here. Trust us, location matters!
  4. Expert advice – top tips here. If you’re looking to set up your power team, this is a must listen.
  5. Education is free – but you need to take action too. What should you do, and what should you avoid? Click here and here to explore.

You’ll need to tune in to hear The Robs talk through these lessons and to find out just how important they are, no matter where you are in your property investment journey.

Hit that play button now!


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