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So this week we put out episode 100 of Ask Rob & Rob, which is a pretty cool number. If you haven’t asked a question yet, then it’s easy to do – jut call 013808 00035 or go to thepropertyhub.net/ask. 

We are also expanding with Yellow and are reaching new cities all the time. Did you know we now cover all of the NorthWest, Yorkshire, Midlands and London? Because of this we need more tradespeople all the time, can you help or do you know someone who might want to be added to our little black book of awesome trades? If you do, click here to get in touch. 

Now on to the topic in hand this week, unusual ways to find tenants. Most landlords will be aware of Rightmove and Zoopla as the big portals for Sales and Lettings and any agent worth their salt should be listed with both. If you self manage you should also be using an online service to list with these two main portals.


A major listing site for anyone with something to sell, but did you know you can also let property here. We tested gum tree out recently a got great results in some areas like York, but not others like London. It’s free to list and the paid version which we use is still very cheap. So why not try it for your area and see how you get on.

Foreign tenant networks

There are many areas of the UK where communities of foreign nationals live. Lincoln being a prime example of this. If you have a few properties in one of these areas then once you’ve let one you may find it easier to let them all. We have found that by treating these tenants well, they are quick to place other tenants from their network for you. This maybe through online portals they communicate through or word of mouth.

Facebook groups

Yes the world’s biggest social media platform has it’s uses outside of endless cat videos and too many pics of other people’s children you really don’t need to see quite as much as you do. But it can also be a great place to pick up tenants. There are many community Facebook groups and chances are your perspective tenants are checking them out. 

Refer a friend

So simple but it works, if you have a portfolio of properties in one area and one becomes free then ask your current tenants in your other properties to refer a friend. At Yellow we offer these tenants a £50 Amazon voucher to motivate them.

Major local employers

You should be only investing in areas with lots of major employers this helps tenant demand and increases the potential for capital growth. It’s one of the key fundamentals you should look for. So if you’ve made a conscious choice to invest in one of these areas then why not go straight to the source for tenants. If we have a number of properties in one block (which happens because investors who use RMP go on to use Yellow) we will contact major employers in the area and attempt to get on their bulletin boards or listed on their intranet. As nobody else seems to do this, you’d be surprised at the success rate. We’ve had success with airports and factories in the past.

News story of the week: Liverpool handed boost for 2022 Commonwealth Games by being named UK’s top sporting city

Rob B loves this news story for obvious reasons. Check out the latest boost to Liverpool’s seemingly never ending success story in recent years as a powerhouse of a city, you can read all about it here.

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