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We’re lucky enough to have thousands of members in our property community, so when we wanted to gain some valuable insight on the current state and future of the buy-to-let property investment market, who better to ask than our own Hubbers?

This week’s podcast is packed to the brim with interesting information as we unveil feedback from our community, but first we start with a news story picked up by Rob & Rob. The research looks back over a 50-year period and identifies where you would have made or lost money. It’s an interesting piece of buy-to-let research which gives a helpful insight regardless of where you’re at in your property investment journey.

Listen to find out just when is the right time to avoid investing in property and when to storm ahead with your buy-to-let plans.

Because we’re super helpful too, we’re also letting you know about what other podcast we’ve been listening to this week. If you love business and are interested in some of the world’s greatest business battles, tune in and find out where to go.

Want to know how you can join our thriving property community? Join the conversation over in the Property Hub forum. From property newbies to experienced buy-to-let investors, this is a place where you can connect with others and get some really helpful advice.

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