Don’t blame us for the ever so slightly sensationalist title this week, blame Moneyweek who covered this recently (thanks to James Watters for the heads-up on this one).

Rather dramatically Moneyweek say:

“Like a vast pyramid scheme, the UK housing market has been defying the reality of low wage growth and productivity, worsening affordability” 


“When a rocket runs out of fuel it continues to rise before plunging earthwards. This is where we seem to be now.”


Listen in full to get Rob & Rob’s take on this one (they may have got a little bit cross about this article) – do you think the Moneyweek argument could be flawed at all? Surely not?!

You may also want to listen to episode 181 where we discussed biased data and how it can be interpreted to predict an event, and this must-listen episode on the 18 year property cycle.

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Resource of the week

The Great Suspender (yes, we love the name too) is a Chrome add-on which automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources.

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