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We have a great few property questions on this week’s ask Rob & Rob.

Karmjit is keen to find out more about rent increases across his buy to let properties. This is his first year as a buy to let investor so naturally he wants to know if there’s an industry standard on annual rental rises.

How do landlords usually handle rental increases? Do they follow RPI or do they increase by a set percentage each year? The answer is in-depth and there are a few options, so make sure you listen to this week’s podcast to find out just how Rob & Rob would handle this situation, or even if they’d look to increase rent at all.

This week’s second question came from John who has a healthy portfolio of 16 buy to let properties. He’s interested in possibly one of the biggest property secrets – how to access off-market investment property outside of the usual routes like Rightmove and Zoopla.

John also wants to know what Rob & Rob think of property courses which attract a sizeable fee. There are many of them around, but can you get this property education for free elsewhere?

Find out this week and get some valuable property investment hints and tips from Rob & Rob.

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