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Welcome to this week’s Ask Rob & Rob.

Liam starts things off by asking about Crewe.  By using the 18 year property cycle he can see that at this point in the cycle last time Crewe enjoyed explosive growth.  Should Liam take the risk or should he play it safe in Manchester or Liverpool?

Rob & Rob are happy to help – especially when they get to chat about property cycles.

This is something many of us will be wondering as we enter this phase of the cycle. Manchester and Liverpool are performing really well at the moment but does that also mean that there is no capital growth left?

HS2 is also a massive factor to consider as Crewe is going to benefit in a major way.  Crewe is set to be one of the most well connected cities in the country. Would it be foolish not to get in now?

There’s a lot to consider!

Next is Liam who’s been practising what Rob & Rob preach.  He’s been putting away 10% of his rent for voids and repairs, but he’s unsure where to put that money.

Does keeping everything in one place make it easier or harder to keep track of?

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