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This week on Ask Rob & Rob, Chris asked:

How would you invest £100,000?

A fun one this week! For a more straight down the line response, check out Ask Rob & Rob episode 13, but this time the question was answered from the perspective of building a new portfolio.

If you’ve got a fair bit of time, de-risk by splitting the pot down the middle, 50/50. With £50K, try and buy one or two BMV BTL investments, with the view to reinvesting the full value of the amount when your mortgage runs out in a couple of years. With the other £50K, do one good-sized refurb, in the shortest time possible, ideally two in a year. This is a lot of work, even if you don’t do the refurb yourself! You’d need a lot of time for this one.

Alternatively, if these are the only funds you have, you’re going to want to preserve them, by buying properties where you can add some value. Depending on your skills, you may want to refurb a property, or BMV. This way you’re in control, as opposed to investing fully in properties and letting the market decide if they’ll increase in value.

Don’t forget, the goals you set for yourself will determine what you do and how quickly/aggressively you do it, not to mention the skill set you have.

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