This week on Ask Rob & Rob, Yael asked:

How do you start?

Not an easy one to answer! The answer, however, starts with sorting your finances. Ultimately, you need money to invest in property, and if you don’t have funds, there’s nothing you can do.

You don’t need millions, but you will need access to your deposit, and financing of some kind. Saving is crucial here, as is speaking to a mortgage broker and finding how much you can borrow, if at all. If you can sort this out while you’re saving up, you’ll be able to plan far better.

While you’re doing the saving, you should be spending the time educating yourself. The Property Hub offers all sorts of training, from the website to the podcast to the forum to the meetups to the magazine – so get started! Meeting like-minded people and talking through your questions and concerns with them is a great way to progress quickly and move towards getting that first step on the ladder. You’ll also rub shoulders with people who may be a little further down the track than you, which will give you blueprints and action plans for getting to the next stage in your investment journey.

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