This week on Ask Rob & Rob, Tim Freeman…

Tells off Rob & Rob!

The episode this week is all about the Robs’ attitude towards DIY and repair, and listener Tim Freeman calls out the Robs on not having DIY knowledge, when they so regularly preach about how knowledge is the most important thing and how crucial it is to educate yourself in all things property.

Both Robs do of course have a rebuttal, Rob B’s is that he’s hands-off when it comes to his portfolio, and wants to focus on the skills he already has, getting other people to do the things he’s less good at. When it comes to Rob D, he wishes he had more DIY skills than he does, but understands that it’s far more beneficial for him to focus on things that he’s naturally stronger at.

By making sure you have people in your network that you trust to help you with the things that you’re not as naturally strong at, you can double down on your existing skills to make them as effective as possible. There are always different ways of accomplishing a problem, and no way is necessarily right or wrong, but playing to your strengths – as far as The Robs are concerned – is the best way to go.

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