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This week we have been busy putting the finishing touches to the next issue of The Property Hub Magazine, which is looking fantastic. We’ve also been planning the details for the new and improved Property Hub Summits which we will give you more details on very soon.

The topic this week is how to predict future property prices and we’ve used lots of historical data in order to help us forecast what the next few years may have in store for the property market in the UK. 

If you’d like to take a look at the data we used for our research then check out The Nationwide price index, you may also wish to refer to our earlier episode on The 18 year Property Cycle – and we are working on the belief that the last cycle started after the crash in 1989 and ran for (would you believe it) 18 years to 2007. We looked at London vs the Northwest and Yorkshire & Humberside (The modern day Northern Powerhouse). 

We made some surprising discoveries and if you listen to the podcast in full, you will be able to hear our take on what is likely to happen next and most importantly, how you should prepare and protect your investments for the next few years.

News story of the week: Britain’s top seaside property hotspot revealed

Broadstairs in Kent has been identified as Britain’s top seaside property hotspot in 2017,  you can find out more about the top seaside investment locations here.

Resource of the week

LiveYield was suggested from one of our listeners (sorry, we don’t have your name to hand!), and this takes data from Zoopla and uses it to tell you how different areas are performing. One note though – it is automated, so use with some caution.

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