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On this week’s Property Podcast, we’re helping you learn from Rob D’s very expensive mistake. The Robs have been in the property investment game a long time, so things can and will go wrong from time to time.

Before we give you the details of this week’s Property Podcast, we have our property story of the week courtesy of the Guardian.

They’re criticising the Help to Buy scheme, highlighting it as a government subsidy where the only winners are the property developers.

As a developer himself. Rob B shares his thoughts on this, and whether he feels that money could be better spent elsewhere.

Tune in to listen.

The main topic of this week’s Property Podcast is Rob D’s £16,800 mistake. The aim of this episode isn’t to get everyone to feel sorry for Rob D, it’s purely so listeners can hear how important strategy is – something The Robs have touched on quite regularly.

There are many property strategies in property but this week we’re concentrating on two: growth and cashflow – both of which The Robs explain in detail.

Which is right for you if you want to give up your job and work with property full time? Should you be chasing yield or should you be chasing growth?

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear a painful example of where Rob D got his property strategy wrong.

When exactly did the failures in Rob D’s strategy happen? Was it a change in circumstances? Was it a failure to regularly review his investment strategy?

Nobody is born a property investor, so it’s important to make sure you continue learning and regularly review your activity to stand the best chance of smashing your property investment goals.

Even though this episode covers capital growth versus income chasing, it’s important to remember that cash flow is incredibly important no matter which property investment strategy you choose.

There are many tips you can take away from this week’s Property Podcast so make sure you hit the play button to listen.


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