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This week we’re very lucky to be joined by mortgage broker Dave Cookson to talk us through all the changes going on in the mortgage market at the moment. And there are a lot of them!

We talk about:

  • What the impact of the recent base rate rise has been so far, and what’s likely to happen in the future
  • How lenders are applying the recent “portfolio landlord” requirements
  • How the increased regulation around affordability has affected the market
  • What’s happening with Limited Company mortgages right now
  • The products that have caught Dave’s eye recently
  • What he thinks will happen in the year ahead

It’s been one heck of a year for the mortgage market, so now is the perfect time to take stock. This is a must-listen as you start planning your strategy for next year!

Resource of the week

Surely it can’t be…yes, it’s another interactive map!

This tool from the BBC tells you how much of your local area is built on. We were shocked to learn that across the UK as a whole, only 6% of land is built on and more than half is farmland.

Well worth a look!

News this week

The Mortgage Works has entered the Limited Company buy-to-let market – which is likely to have a huge effect on the market, and lead to other lenders getting involved too.

We talk about this in more detail on the show with our guest, Dave Cookson. We also couldn’t help pointing out that we predicted this nearly a year ago in our 2017 predictions episode!

Join the conversation

What’s your experience of getting a limited company mortgage been like?

Have you been affected by the new affordability rules?

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