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Following on from last week’s property podcast, this week we have super landlord, Phil Stewardson, helping us deliver the expert’s guide to commercial property.

Before we dig in, we’re covering this week’s news story which is about house price growth. Property prices rose the fastest in the North West, with London suffering the biggest fall of 0.7% year-on-year.

Take a look at the links which give you a further analysis, and listen to the property podcast to hear what Rob & Rob have to say.

The main property podcast event this week is the appearance of our super landlord, Phil Stewardson, who was kind enough to join us for another session.

Phil talks us through the commercial property types he started his journey with back in 2001, when the market for buying residential property was extremely tight.

His first commercial property deal was a pub in 2002, taking full advantage of the decline in pub establishments at the time, between 2002 and 2005. What was it that attracted Phil to pubs? The returns? The large space? The sheer amount of potential?

And what exactly forms part of Phil’s commercial property portfolio? From chip shops and convenience stores to petrol stations – there’s not much more to add to Phil’s ever-growing portfolio.

You’ll also learn about what makes Phil tick from an investment point of view. Is it a good spot on a busy road, or is it a combination of other factors? And does he always go into an investment with a firm plan of action, or does he have a plan B or even a plan C?

As well as the advantages of commercial property, Phil also shares his not-so-great experiences. Despite all commercial sites working well for Phil, it’s not all been plain sailing. He’s navigated through a range of issues and overcome a number of obstacles which you’ll learn about in this episode.

The ultimate burning question from many listeners is likely to be “how can I make the move from residential to commercial property investment?” Is it a natural progression?

Phil and Rob & Rob share their thoughts on the best route for those of you who are interested in making the move, and Phil very helpfully delivers some key nuggets of information that can help you make strong commercial property investment decisions.


What does the future hold for commercial property? And is Phil worried about the future?

Find out in today’s property podcast.

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It’s an interview Tim Ferriss held with Howard Marks – and it’s well worth a listen!

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Howard Marks is the co chairman and co founder of Oaktree Capital Management which has more than $120 billion in assets.

He talks about market cycles and finances in an incredibly simplistic way. He really gets into the nitty gritty of business and this is definitely one to download and absorb.

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