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In this episode we’re going to speak to our very own Rob D in the capacity of ‘guest expert’  and we’re going to look in depth at bridging finance…

Rob D has been focusing a lot of his investment around bridging loans rather than purchases recently, and he tells us why this has worked for him. He even started his own bridging finance company LendSwift to formalise his involvement in this sector. 

In this episode Rob & Rob explain the basics of how bridging works, when it is a good idea, and when it’s to be avoided.

The Robs also discuss when you can use bridging to buy properties that you can’t ordinarily raise a mortgage for, and crucially give you their golden rules of bridging.

Go to lendswift.co.uk/borrow to check out the calculators to see how much you can borrow and what it would cost. Don’t use us without shopping around, but use the tool to increase your knowledge.

Yellow Lettings are looking for a London Rep

We’re responding to the demand to expand Yellow in to the London area and we’re looking for an amazing candidate to join us, working 25 hours a week as a rep dealing with our landlords and their tenants on a regular basis. Does this sound just what you’re looking for? You can find all the details right here.

It’s Meetup night tonight!

Have you got your free ticket for your local Meetup? Rob D will be in Stratford (East London) and Rob B will be in Richmond, so if you’re heading to either of these locations be sure to say hi.

The north/south house price divide to narrow

We promise not to keep making a habit of saying ‘we told you so’ but the final figures are in for 2016 and Manchester grew by almost 9% last year, with London coming in at 7.3% growth. You can read all about it here. 

Resource of the week

This week’s resource is courtesy of Rob B and it’s a book – Zero to One. A fascinating read from one of the Paypal founders, billionaire Peter Thiel.

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