We recently spent a whole day talking property with a couple of hundred people who attended our Discovery Day. Time and time again we are reminded that people don’t know much – or even anything – about our other businesses, RMP Property and Yellow Lettings, and it was great to meet and share information with many of you. Watch this space for future Discovery Day dates…

This week we’re looking at mindset, and how biases can lead you down a certain path which could result in decisions which are not optimal for your property investments.  We discuss how to be aware of these biases, backed up with plenty of examples, and provide very actionable ways to fix them.

We’d encourage you to pair this episode with our previous podcast on mindset

We know that mindset can make a huge difference to your success as an investor… but listening to a podcast once isn’t enough! These are things you have to work on constantly.

News story of the week: Google’s huge London property empire is starting to take shape

Google is moving into a number of new properties in the area behind King’s Cross – you can have a look here at the buildings which contain a basketball court, swimming pool, 300m rooftop walkway and a floating staircase.

Resource of the week

A highly recommended read, which nicely ties in with this episode is Tony Robbins’ latest book: Unshakeable: Your Guide to Financial Freedom

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