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We love a system here at The Property Hub, and this week Rob & Rob discuss the advantages of setting up basic processes (and in some cases more detailed processes).

Rob and Rob discuss why systems are not boring – honestly, stick with it, we guarantee you will be a convert. 

The Robs also give examples of how they use processes throughout their businesses, for the tasks that are done over and over again. 

We also discuss how having good processes allow you to outsource and why you must not outsource without them.

Systems are easier to set up than you’ll thing and in this episode we give you some examples of how to do it and how you can implement processes in your property investment journey. 


The disappearing middle class clearly illustrated in charts

This is a really interesting piece which takes you through the highlights of a report published recently. There are tons of visuals in this article so check this out and you will see everything points quite clearly to the fact that the middle classes are gradually disappearing. Read more here.


Resource of the week

This week’s episode is one huge resource of the week and here are all the links mentioned.

The checklist manifesto 



Google Docs

Process Street 


Continue the conversation over in the forum

What systems do you use? Head to the forum to share some tips. We’d love to know what you’re already using in your day to day life.

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