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In this episode, we’re looking at how to build high-value networks.  We’ll be suggesting ways to avoid the mistakes that we see all too frequently, helping you to build a network that will rocket your success.

The problem is that the people you really want to connect with are busy, and already have their own network – so they’re not motivated to get to know you. What do you do?

We talked about the basics in Episode 133, and now we delve deeper into seven areas, from making contact little and often, to sharing what you are learning (a great way to do this is to start a progress journal on the forum – check them out here), and using your network to grow your network.

Everything we talk about also applies to life outside property… perhaps you are looking to network in a business context, or make contacts relating to interests outside of work?


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News story of the week: Property industry leaders announce ‘game-changing’ breakthrough in bid to reduce risks of commercial property lending boom and bust

This grabbed our attention because, even though about commercial property, it’s interesting that senior people in the industry are taking note of the 18-year property cycle. The article looks at a new way of measuring real estate values that may help smooth the market’s notorious cycles of boom and bust.  Take a look at the story in full here.

Resource of the week

Rob B’s new purchase is the Amazon Echo and he’s having fun asking Alexa to play music, provide information, predict the weather and even tell jokes! Who would have realised he was such a Spice Girls fan too…


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