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This week The Robs jump in their time machine and look at what they would do if they could start investing all over again.

Listen to the podcast in full to find out how both of The Robs started out, and what they would have done differently with the benefit of hindsight. What opportunities did they miss, which disasters do they think they avoided, where would they focus their investment, and what do they think they definitely got right.

News story: Irish government meet with Airbnb to address housing concerns

The housing minister met Airbnb amid concerns that the business is driving up rents and removing housing stock from the rental market in Dublin. Pressure has grown on the government to limit the number of days that a property can be made available to let on Airbnb after findings that there were 2,984 listings in Dublin that involved entire properties being made available for more than 90 nights a year.

Read more on this one right here.

Resource of the week

This week’s Resource of the Week is  www.walkscore.com. This one combines Rob B’ favourite things – walking and fundamentals! This one we grabbed from over on The Property Hub Forum (what do you mean you haven’t checked it out yet?!). This resource gives you a walk score for the fundamentals in any given area – enjoy playing about with that one!  The Robs checked out their own postcodes and one fairs significantly better than the other!

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