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Investing through a limited company has become exponentially more popular over the last couple of years – but there are aspects of limited company investment that you’re normally not told.

In this episode we bring together our own experiences and observations to shed some light on:

  • The higher costs associated with limited company lending
  • The time you can expect an application to take (and some corrective action that might be needed)
  • The extra steps you’ll need to take, compared with individual applications
  • Some points to be aware of as a result of the market being so new

None of this is intended to put you off: just to encourage you not to rush blindly into something without getting the right advice, and give you some pointers for what to expect along the way.

Resource of the week

This episode is about some of the little-known details, but we’ve also put together a course about the bigger picture aspects of limited company investing.

It’s completely free, and you can watch it here

News this week

Superstar fund manager Neil Woodford has had a rough year – and he’s trying to turn it around by buying into property shares, as reported in the FT.

This doesn’t mean you should blindly pile in too – but it might give you encouragement that he clearly believes in the health of the sector.

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Is there anything you wish you’d known before buying in a limited company?

Any experiences that other investors could learn from?

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