15th November, 2018 BACK TO ALL PODCASTS

We’re back for another jam-packed Property Podcast with Rob & Rob and more importantly, we’re reviewing listener property investment deals… again!

Before we dive in, we have this week’s news story which is complete with fancy graphs, courtesy of the BBC. This shows the cost of renting in the UK in seven charts.

While most of the charts state the obvious, there are some interesting findings which buy to let property investors will find particularly useful, and of course Rob & Rob delve into these facts on the podcast and share their opinions on the newly unveiled data.

But before we get into our main topic of listener property deals, we’re letting you into a secret happening on the 26th November – mark this in your diary now!

Rob & Rob are going live and will be sharing details on where they’re both personally looking to invest in 2019; not just for buy to let property, but also from a property development perspective too.

The Robs are always inundated with questions on their personal approaches to property investment and this is a chance for you to hear first-hand what they plan on doing in 2019 and where.

It also gives you the opportunity to get ahead of the game and to do some research ahead of next year to see which locations are likely to outperform others.

The webinar is FREE, so click this link to reserve your spot.

The main event this week is a round 2 of listener deals. These 3 deals have been selected for Rob & Rob to review live on the podcast so sit back, hit play and hear their thoughts as they review each deal live on air.

Deal 1 – click here to view

This first property investment deal has come from Neil and is located in Rob B’s hometown of Liverpool.

The purchase has already been agreed at £76,000 and Neil thinks this will rent at around £550 per month. However, he’s concerned about the amount of money it would cost to bring this property up to a rental standard. He’s also questioning the capital growth potential in this area too.

Would this be a deal Rob & Rob would fight over? Or would the interesting choice of carpet send them running for this hills? And would Rob B tip this location for significant capital growth? Listen to find out.

Deal 2 – click here  to view

The second deal has come from Darren, is located near Milton Keynes and is a beautiful 5-bedroom detached property with a decent price tag at £700,000.

This isn’t the type of property Rob & Rob usually see buy to let investors looking at, but Darren has a plan. He wants to purchase the property and split the plot (just take a look at the huge garden!). He wants to improve/refurbish the house for around £50,000 and sell it for £650,000.

It might sound like he’s making a loss, however he’ll have gained a nice little plot of 0.2 acres for £100,000 in an area where land is extremely rare. He could also fit another similar 5-bedroom property on the plot which could fetch up to £800,000!

Is this a viable plan or just plain crazy?

Deal 3 – click here  to view

Our third listener property deal is from Sam and is in Leeds city centre. The purchase price of this buy to let property is £94,000 and it’s currently tenanted, achieving a rental income of £615 per month – a very decent return on investment.

Rob B knows this area well and has some slight concerns with studio apartments, so tune in to find out why this is this case. Would Rob & Rob invest or are they on the fence with this one?

Tune into this week’s podcast to find out.

Hub Extra: We’re giving you a great resource this week and it’s a perfect match for this podcast episode.

Property Log is an extension for Chrome and is a fantastic tool, (past lovers of Property Bee take note!) giving you all the price changes on the particular property you’re interested in.

Click here to download – you won’t regret it. Listen and find out how Rob D uses this in practice to help with price negotiations.
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