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Happy new year!

We decided to kick off the year with some predictions about what will happen to house prices in 2014. Not only that, but we invited four guest experts in to share their predictions too.

First though, we had to give a round of applause to Rob B, whose prediction from last year was bang on the money. He predicted a rise of 2-4% in 2013, and according to the Land Registry the growth up to the end of September was 3.1%. Not too shabby!

Turning to the year ahead, and we heard predictions from these fine folks:

Listen to the episode to find out what everyone predicted…and of course we put our necks on the line as well!

Resource of the week

Why not start as we mean to go on? Our resource of the year is the hilarious Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos blog – guaranteed to make you spit out your tea and make you feel a whole lot better about how your agent markets your properties! Thanks to Ed Lamb for sending it our way.

Mentions this week

A reminder that The Property Hub Launch Party will be in London on Saturday 11 January!

It’s completely free, but you’ll need to book your place to let us know you’re coming.

To do that, and find out all the details, just visit thepropertypodcast.com/launchparty

And why the party? Because The Property Hub opens its doors on 9th January! We can’t wait…

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