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It’s nearly Christmas! This is one of our favourite times of the year… not just because of the mince pies, but also because we get to reflect on all things property investment related.

We’ve got a cracking Property Podcast for you this week as we’re looking at all the best resources you can use to help you, not just on your buy to let property investment journey, but also with your life and business in general. It’s a good one!  

Listen as The Robs navigate through some of their top picks this week. We’ve listed them below, but tune in to find out why the following will be incredibly useful for you:


Just search for them in your favourite podcast app.

  1. Ask Mr Wonderful
  2. Masters of Scale
  3. Without Fail
  4. Business Wars
  5. That Peter Crouch Podcast
  6. The Pitch
  7. Wolverine
  8. Teachers Pet
  9. Dirty John


  1. Niall Ferguson – The Ascent of Money
  2. Scott Adams – How To Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big
  3. James SchramkoWork Less, Make More (listen to our episode with James)
  4. John Carreyrou – Bad Blood
  5. Annie Duke – Thinking In Bets


  1. Zero
  2. Instagram/YouTube
  3. Lifecake
  4. Waze
  5. Property Log

So there you have it – our best resources of 2018!

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