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Some people think that Rob D isn’t a new builds kinda guy, this isn’t true. New builds are great for hands off investors, but you need to be aware of key points to be successful.

Why you would in invest

All new appliances and 10 year warranty – Ideal for hands off investors

BMV possibility if you buy in volume – learn more on buying BMV in our course here. 

Tennant appeal – What would you lease a new car or an old car?

Buying process – No chain

Lower energy bills

Why you wouldn’t

Hard to add value – So not great for investors who want to be hands on

Can be hard to assess value in some situations where there are no direct comparables


Other things to be aware of

Are they overpriced in the first place?

Time to let on a large new development?

News story: City house price growth slows to 6.4%.

City house price growth slows to 6.4%. Manchester is now the  fastest growing city as London slips to 10th in growth rankings. Read all about it here.


Meet Rob D in Scotland

Our Scottish Meetups are brilliant already but in April we are having a re-boot of our Edinburgh Meetup and we’re sending Rob D to say hi. If you can make it, he would love to see you. You can book your completely free ticket to the Edniburgh Meetup on April 6th here.

If you can’t make it to Edinburgh there is bound to be a Meetup near you anyway – you can find more details and links to book your tickets, right here.

Resource of the week

Music to improve productivity and flow? Yes please. This is right up our street. You’ll find the site purposefully simple and easy to use. I’ve been using the service for a little while, and it’s perfect for what it’s designed to do: Give you something to listen to while you get some work done. Check it out here. 

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