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This week we take a deep dive into the research you should be doing when buying in a new development. Particularly when you’re looking at off-plan opportunities, the promises of developers can look great – but there are dangers too, and plenty of unwary investors have ended up with a problem property…or no property at all!

To make sure you’re protected, Rob B runs us through the checks he makes at RMP Property when assessing a deal. There’s a lot to it, so have your notepad at the ready…

Resource of the week

Would it surprise you to hear that in 58% of the country, house prices are lower now than they were in 2007 by the time you’ve taken inflation into account?

Well, it’s true – and with this interactive map from the BBC you can see exactly where prices are higher in real terms than they were a decade ago, and where they’re lower.

Thank you to Paul for sending this our way!

News this week

The Bank of England base rate has risen…all the way back up to the dizzy heights of the previous historic low it was at until 18 months ago. This BBC story covers how it will affect different groups.

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