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London’s calling in this week’s property podcast.

Is is game over for the London property market? Or is it a property investment opportunity that you need to grab with both hands?

As always, we’re starting this week’s property podcast with a news story that caught our attention.

Here’s the link that prompted some colourful language off-air from Rob & Rob this week.

The chancellor is apparently weighing up a tax break for landlords who sell their investment properties to long-term tenants (tenants who have been in their rental property for at least three years).

In a nutshell, if this new plan came to fruition, the capital gains tax, usually paid by landlords when they sell a property, would all disappear and be split equally between the landlord and the tenant. From the tax that would have been paid, 50 percent would go to the tenant and the remaining 50 percent would be removed from the landlord’s tax bill.

It may be a brilliant vote winner but it’s certainly rubbed the Robs up the wrong way. Has the thinktank seriously thought this through? Listen to this week’s property podcast to hear more.

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Now, London… Should you be selling up investment property or are the future prospects brighter than we thought?

We start with a recap which brings some interesting insights before looking at where we are today – high prices and stretched affordability.

Here’s a stat for you: the average property in London costs 14 times the average London earnings.

That’s not the only stat in this week’s property podcast either, but you’ll need to tune in to find out more. Whether you want to purchase property in London as an owner or an investor, this episode is well worth a listen.

What’s making investing in property so difficult in London? Can we balance the negative factors with all the opportunities available in the city?

If you’re firm on investing in London, Rob D has some snippets of information which will be of interest to property investors, sticking with those key fundamentals needed to be considered when investing in property. He also shares his own experience with his London investment property which may resonate with listeners in a similar position this week.

Is another crash on the horizon? Find out and tune into this week’s property podcast to hear more.

Hub Extra: We’re back with another resource discovered by Rob & Rob this week.

It’s something the Robs discovered a while ago but it’s had a little refresh so it’s worth sharing with you.

It can help assess areas and potential for growth – click here to explore. A very handy tool indeed.

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