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It’s listener questions time again! We give this whole episode over to some of the questions we’ve been sent, in audio and text form, over the last couple of months.

Here are the questions we answered:

  • What other books do you recommend, other than those that have already been resources of the week? (Thanks Bryn!)
  • Does mindset make a difference? (Thanks Ed!)
  • Can you really not learn anything from TV property shows? (Thanks Jim!)
  • Is it better to buy property as an individual or a company? And when should I hire an accountant? (Thanks Simon!)
  • I live in London: should I wait to save for a deposit here, or invest sooner by looking further north? (Thanks Amir!)
  • I’m suffering from analysis paralysis and I feel overwhelmed by all the information out there. What can I do to get started? (Thanks Rachel!)
  • Should I get an interest-only or repayment mortgage? (Thanks Steve!)
  • I’ve got several properties in the same area. Is that lessening my risk because I know the area like the back of my hand, or is it concentrating my risk? (Thanks Amar!)
  • Do you still go to networking events? (Thanks Luke!)

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Resource of the week

This week’s resource is an app called Lift (iPhone only) which is all about habit formation. Rob B got out of the habit of using it (amazing), but is back on board now and finds it really useful to get real-time reminders to keep him on track with everything he wants to make part of his daily routine. His teeth have never been more comprehensively flossed.

Rob D mentioned Ask Me Every, which is a more luddite, email-based tool that achieves the same effect but without the real-time reminders.

Let us know how you get on with either of them!

This week’s news

“Poor internet connection”: three words that not only bring Rob D out in a cold sweat, but might also impact on the value of homes in rural areas.

It’s another reminder of the importance of due diligence: most tenants find a reliable data connection essential these days, so you might find a property difficult to let if it’s not something you took into account before you bought.

Mentions this week

A flurry of mentions this week, starting with The Property Podcast being featured in The Telegraph! Thank you to the writer, and also to everyone who’s supported us and made the show what it is.

Rob B also mentioned that he’s still hiring – click the link if you’re amazing and want an equally amazing job.

He also mentioned that his Property Investment App is moving along nicely, so sign up if you want updates!

We also mentioned a lot of our past episodes in the course of answering questions. If you’re a new-ish listener, here are the episodes we recommended checking out:

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