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This week we got deep down and tactical with some tips for finding out what the property market is doing in your specific area – cutting through the media spin about what prices are doing nationally.

Rob D originally borrowed the ideas from listener Richard Brown, and wrote them up in a blog post here. In this episode, we dug into them in a bit more detail.

The tips in brief were:

  • Use Rightmove to check demand by looking at the ratio of SSTC properties to all properties for sale
  • Use this page on Zoopla to check how quickly properties are selling
  • Check land registry prices within the last year on Rightmove or Zoopla
  • Search for evidence of prices being reduced by sorting by ‘most reduced’ on Zoopla
  • Try to find out the average discount from market price
  • Ask agents how quickly transactions are going through
  • Use Rightmove to gauge the buoyancy of the rental market by checking the ratio of ‘let agreed’ properties to all rental properties

Resource of the week

OK, kiss goodbye to your working morning. This game shows you a house on Google Street View, and you get points for accurately guessing how much it sold for.

Rob B played the game live on the show – but you’ll have to listen to find out how he did

Leave us a comment and share your score – we might need to set up some kind of listener league!

News this week

The heavyweight news story of the week is that Alan Titchmarch is obsessed with house listings as we are. But he’s probably handier with a pair of secateurs

Tell us what you thought of the show!

Do you have any extra tips you use to assess the local market in areas you’re interested in?

And more importantly, what was your score on our little game?

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