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They’re slick, they’re sharp, they prowl under the surface looking for smaller creatures to prey on…yep, we’re talking about sharks this week. But we’re not going all David Attenborough on you – our subject is property sharks, and how to avoid them!

We ran through how to avoid scams like:

  • Overseas property schemes that never get built
  • Portfolio building companies who disappear with your money
  • Letting agents who run off with all the deposits
  • And a whole lot more too depressing to get into!

So how do you avoid them? Through education, research, using professional bodies and checking with your network.

There are plenty of tips for how to do each of those things in the episode, so take a listen!

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Resource of the week

Rob B donned his tie-die this week to guide us through a meditation…or rather, to guide us about why we should be meditating.

Even if you’re extremely busy, you should still be able to find 10 minutes to relax and clear your mind – and Rob has some resources to get you started:

This week’s news

A property in Teddington has come onto the market. It’s nicely located, the inside needs a bit of work…and the former owners are buried in the back garden.

We’re not sure what the learning point is here, other than that it’d make a good talking point at barbecues. Take a look at the full story here.

Mentions this week

The Property Hub is open – and there are so many great conversations happening already!

We pulled out one of our favourites this week, because it’s a great example of the community helping each other out in exactly the way we hoped they would.

Roshan asked a question about single skin wall extensions, which we’d never even heard of let alone know anything about – and Chris and Robert jumped in with super-helpful answers.

We’re really excited about the potential for learning and mutual support that exists in The Property Hub, so get involved if you haven’t already!

Join the conversation!

Have you been bitten by a shark, or had any close calls?

Any more tips for how to avoid them?

Join in the discussion for this episode over in the forum!

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