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This week we shared some essential lessons from experienced investors – a topic on our minds because Rob D’s new book, Beyond The Bricks, was released today!

These lessons are the ones that came up the most consistently in the writing of the book, and from our discussions with other investors over the last few years. As a result, we’re convinced they’re pretty fundamental – whatever particular strategy you follow.

The lessons are:

Take a listen to get the explanation for each one, and see if you agree!

Resource of the week

We’ve recommended plenty of cool pieces of software in previous weeks, and this time we’re giving you a service that ties them all together.

That service is If This Then That – a free tool that takes an action in one piece of software as a result of something you do in another.

For example, every time you star an email in Gmail it can create a Trello card in your to-do list. Or when you find a good piece of content on Twitter, if you “favourite” it it can be added to your Evernote to read later.

There are thousands of these “recipes” that you can put together with lots of different web apps, and the only limit is your imagination! So have a play around and see what you can come up with – even if it only saves you a few seconds each time, it will soon add up…

This week’s news

Our news this week was all about ourselves – we announced some of our guests that we’ve got coming up to celebrate our 50th Episode, and hinted at a big announcement to come next week…

We won’t say any more here – but listen to the episode to get all the details!

Mentions this week

Rob D’s new book is out today! Grab a copy here.

Also, listener Mathew Rhys left us a voicemail to tell us about a very unusual property that he’d spotted for sale. Take a look and see if you fancy having one of these in your garden…

Join the conversation!

Can you think of any more fundamental lessons that you’ve picked up from other investors?

Do you agree with ours?

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