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The first ever guest on The Property Podcast could only ever be one person: Dan Andrews from Tropical MBA, AKA the man to blame for everything we’ve done during the last year. It was our shared love for Dan’s podcast which brought the two of us together, and we proceeded to rip off its format fairly comprehensively.

Dan began his entrepreneurial journey by quitting his six-figure job and moving to South East Asia…where he started a new business designing and selling cat furniture online.

From there he and his business partner Ian branched out into several other niches, and built a well-oiled operation which now barely needs Dan’s involvement to run at all. In his spare time, Dan launched another six-figure business – a community for entrepreneurs called the Dynamite Circle – as well as inspiring tens of thousands of people through the Tropical MBA Podcast.

What did we learn?

You’ll have to listen to the episode to hear all Dan’s insights, but here are some of the main points we took away:

Know what you want. Like, really knowing – not just “I want to be rich”. It was completing the Dreamlining exercise that led Dan to switch tracks and start building the life he really wanted.

Check out Episode 25 for a property slant on Dreamlining.

Partner up with care. Dan explained why his relationship with Ian was so effective – and the disasters that can happen if you get into a partnership for the wrong reasons. Marriages of convenience are all too common in property, and they seldom end well.

Take action. It won’t be the last time you hear this in these guest episodes, but Dan said that the main differences between those who win and those who lose is getting up and doing something.

Share what you’re doing. Networking doesn’t mean shoving a business card at someone – it means sharing what you’re working on and bringing people together, which is exactly what Dan’s done through his podcast and online community.

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