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We were delighted to be joined on the show this week by Mr James Schramko from SuperFastBusiness.com.

James doesn’t consider himself a salesman, yet he was one of the top sales people for Mercedes in the whole of Australia before quitting to build his own business. Now, using the same “anti-sales” technique, he’s built it into a multi-million dollar empire with staff all over the world.

So how does he manage to spend all his time surfing? We dragged him away from the beach to find out, and learn how we can apply the secrets of his success to our own property businesses.

What did we learn?

There doesn’t have to be a role for yourself. James knew from the start that he wanted his business to be an asset that existed separately from himself. So rather than having to extract himself from the business later, he designed it to run without him from the outset. This is similar to the pure “investor” mindset, where you outsource every part of the job to a specialist and sit back to collect the rents.

Systems are worth spending time on. It often feels like it’d be quicker to do a task yourself than delegate it, or correct a job yourself rather than sending it back. But James was disciplined in enforcing his high standards, and made sure that at least two people knew how to do each job in case someone was sick. Now he’s reaping the benefits.

There’s more to selling than the “hard sell”. James spends most of his “work” time educating people through podcasts and videos, which has the effect of making sales without him having to try. He used the same approach at Mercedes to far out-sell all his colleagues who were attempting to force the sale.

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