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When we invited this week’s guest onto the show we knew he’d give an amazing interview – because he’s probably the world’s most successful podcaster, and he’s conducted over 500 interviews of his own!

Who is he? John Lee Dumas, host of the phenomenally successful Entrepreneur On Fire.

John used to be a realtor, and in 2012 started a daily show where he would interview inspiring entrepreneurs. Under two years later, John has built a business around his show that now makes over $100,000 per month.

Not only that, but he’s a ridiculously nice man.

We spoke to John about how he took an idea that everyone told him was “impossible”, and turned it into something more successful than anyone could have imagined.

What did we learn?

Get a mentor. John got a mentor when he had the idea to start Entrepreneur on Fire, and he still has mentors now – even though he’s already phenomenally successful by anyone’s measure. He knows that there’s always more to learn.

Batching is powerful. John spends eight solid hours on a Monday doing eight interviews back-to-back – leaving the rest of his week free to build his business. His incredibly productivity has allowed him to do something that nobody thought could be done.

Be transparent “. Why does John post his entire income and expenses online every month so his audience can see exactly how much money he’s making from them? He told us the benefits.

Keep reading and bettering yourself. You’ll rarely meet an entrepreneur who doesn’t read – and John shared some of his favourite book recommendations.

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What did you take away from John’s story?

Any ideas you’re going to put into action right now?

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