10th April, 2014 BACK TO ALL PODCASTS

We got full-on back into property this week after our business series, and we did it by tackling another bunch of listener questions!

Some of the questions we took on were:

  • Is there anything I should watch out for with guaranteed rent schemes? (from Ben Adam-Smith at the House Planning Help Podcast)
  • My property has dropped in value: should I put in a chunk of cash to get back to 75% LTV?
  • Do I need to set up a limited company to keep my personal and property finances separate?
  • What Return On Investment do you look for?
  • I’ve heard that buying BMV isn’t possible – true?
  • I hate debt: should I mortgage a property I inherited to buy another one?

To hear how we answered, you’ll just have to listen to the episode!

News this week

We’re a little behind because of our business episodes, but the pension reforms announced in the recent Budget are so significant we decided to focus on them as our news story this week.

In fact, we’re going to be dedicating a whole episode next week to what it might mean for property investors. In the meantime, here’s a summary.

Resource of the week

We’ve pretty much outsourced this part of the show to listener Guy Routledge now, as he’s sent us yet another excellent resource for you.

This one is a browser extension for Chrome called Momentum. Every time you open a new tab, it shows you a beautiful image as well as reminding you of what your focus for the day should be. It’s great for keeping you on track, because if you’re opening a new window to have a sneaky check of Facebook it might just guilt you to getting back to your work!

(If you’re not familiar with how to install Chrome extensions, there’s a walkthrough here.)

Mentions this week

  • We’re meeting up in Liveprool this Bank Holiday Monday! Want to come along? Grab your free tickets here.
  • Yellow Lettings update: we’ve taken on our first few properties as a trial, and everything’s going great so far: we’re learning a lot, and our landlords seem very happy. If you’d like to find out when we’re launching in your area, just pop in your details at yellowlettings.net.
  • In the course of answering a listener question about buying BMV, we referenced a recent episode of The Property Geek Podcast with Damien Fogg.
  • We also referenced RMP Property’s Property Toolkit.

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