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At the end of this recording, we remarked how the “boring” episodes are often our favourites – including inflation, interest rates, and now pension reform.

Pension reform might sound like a dull subject, but it could have a huge impact for property investors. So in this episode, we asked: will the shake-up announced by George Osbourne in his recent budget set us up for a property boom in 2015?

We covered:

  • Why everyone is biased, not least us!
  • What the reforms actually are
  • A worked example of why property could make a brilliant use of your pension funds, compared to an annuity
  • Lots of very good reasons why people shouldn’t invest in property with their pension
  • What the reforms will mean for the property market in general
  • What you should do differently as an investor as a result
  • The importance of putting this all into perspective and taking a long-term view

Take a listen to the episode to hear all the details – we packed a lot in!

News this week

This week’s story is from the Telegraph, which flags up the hidden charges charged by letting agents that could cost you thousands of pounds. We found this story via Property Hub member Richard Brown’s excellent newsfeed, where he adds his own commentary.

It’s not exactly news that many letting agents are somewhat opaque with their charges (it’s one of the reasons we started Yellow Lettings after all), but it’s a useful reminder to always read the small print and brings up some extra sneaky charges that you should be looking out for.

Resource of the week

This week’s resource was recommended by another Property Hub member, Nick Stott, who is a big fan of the task management software Asana. Rob B has started using it in his business, and is seriously impressed.

It’s free, so no reason not to give it a try!

Mentions this week

  • Our Liverpool meetup is just a few days away! If you haven’t told us that you’re coming yet, grab your free tickets here.
  • We hinted that The Property Hub Plus will be re-opening soon. For more information, and to get yourself on the waiting list, take a look here.
  • We talked about the amazing team of guest bloggers we’ve put together for The Property Hub – every week there’s a new post from someone with particular expertise or a viewpoint different from our own. Check out the posts so far here.

Join the conversation!

This was a big topic, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on it: how do you think the reforms will affect the property market? Are you tempted to put some of your pension into property when you get the chance?
We’ve got a dedicated thread for this episode, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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