It seems that people who invest in houses often recoil in horror at the idea of buying a flat – and vice versa. This week we waded into the fray – inspired by a topic in The Property Hub – with some conciliatory noises by laying out out all the pros and cons of each.

We argued for why your portfolio should contain a mix of both, and talked about how to reduce your risk whichever type of property you’re buying. Take a listen!

News this week

A supposed “good news story” from The Metro left us with our heads in our hands this week. The couple profiled in the story bought off-plan and made every newbie mistake in the book, but still came away delighted because “prices have gone up since then”.

Buying off-plan can be great, but getting a good deal isn’t as simple as walking into a marketing suite – and of course, as investors we want to buy at a good price rather than relying on a bubble to increase the value of our asset. Listen back to Episode 33 to find out how to win with off-plan property.

Resource of the week

We shared a pair of resources, both of which might be useful for researching potential investments in the commuter belt.

Commuter Guide is based around London train stations, and for each given station it shows the stops along the route with lots of information about house prices and ease of commuting.

Commuter Maps doesn’t have so much detail, but does cover most of the major cities in the UK – not just London.

Mentions this week

Thank you to everyone who went to meet Rob D at his mini Edinburgh meetup! Meeting people and hearing their stories is by far the best part of doing this podcast.

Join the conversation!

Go on then: houses v flats. Have we convinced you that both have their place, or are you firmly on one side or the other?

Any factors we neglected to mention?

We’ve got a dedicated thread for this episode, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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