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Joint Ventures get touted around a lot as a great way to get involved in property when you don’t have any funds or the ability to raise a mortgage: just find someone with cash who wants to get into property but doesn’t have the time, and bingo!

That’s an idea that makes us very nervous, but it’s also only a very narrow conception of what a joint venture is – and there are many situations where they can work extremely well, and allow you to progress much faster than you otherwise would have done.

So in this episode, we get to the truth about joint ventures. We cover:

  • What a joint venture is
  • Why you might want to do it
  • Who you can form a JV with (bearing in mind FCA rule P13/3)
  • How to structure a joint venture
  • How to make sure it runs successfully
  • Some “gotchas” you need to be aware of

So listen to the episode to get the full story!

Resource of the week

Rob D got very excited this week about Zoom a video-conferencing platform that’s an alternative to Skype, Google Hangouts or Go To Meeting.

It’s not that it has amazing features that nothing else has…but it actually works, which is a big deal considering the time we waste messing around with Skype every week. The quality of the call is also very high, even with lots of participants or when you have a slow internet connection.

There’s a free plan for meetings up to 40 minutes long with up to 25 participants – so if you ever need to make video calls for work or any other reason, give it a try!

News this week

This week we shared a feature from the FT about new funding models within property: peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding.

They’re topics that seem to be getting increasingly popular, and the article does a good job of explaining what each means and what the dangers are. Well worth a read, because this is something we’ll only be hearing more of in the coming years.

This week’s mentions

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Do you have any other tips for making sure they run smoothly?

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