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This week we went over to the dark side…of property investment, naturally, and talked about the many dangers that lurk there for unsuspecting investors.

Some of the nasties lurking on the dark side that we talked about were:

  • “Free” “courses” that are no content and pure upsell, and the phenomenon of the “seminar junkie”
  • Letting agents who are incompetent or dishonest when it comes to the management of properties (proved by stories like this one and this one shared in The Property Hub)
  • Dodgy estate agents
  • The eviction process, especially in relation to council tenants
  • Stubborn and slow solicitors
  • Yourself – when it comes to struggling with your strategy

Give the episode a listen to learn the dangers in full, and what you can do about them!

Resource of the week

This week’s resource was RecordIt – a tool that makes it dead easy to record a video of what’s happening on your screen. This is really useful when it comes to showing someone (maybe an assistant) how to perform a task, or report an error to the owner of a website.

RecordIt allows you to capture your activity in a couple of clicks and send a link of the resulting video to whoever you want – and, of course, it’s free. Give it a try!

News this week

Letting agents have been required to sign up for a redress scheme since the beginning of this week, or risk a £5,000 fine.

Which is…a step in the right direction, we suppose. In reality, all credible agents should have been signed up already – but now if you come across an agent who isn’t, it’s even more of a reason to run a mile.

This week’s mentions

We’ve got another free course for you! This week it’s Buy To Let Tax Basics, previously sold for £60, which you can now use to save yourself hundreds of pounds in tax every year with no outlay at all. Not bad, eh?

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who’s listened to and reviewed our new podcast, Property Investment Tips! If you’ve not checked it out yet, here’s where to find it in iTunes.

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