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This week we put together one of our favourite types of episode – listener questions!

Prompted by voicemails that you sent in, we answered:

  • What will happen when interest rates go up?
  • How do I make sure the “right” type of tenant goes into my property?
  • What can you do about a short lease? And do you need the freeholder’s permission to refurb a flat? (Related: Episode 61 on Flats v Houses)
  • Can I get a mortgage as someone who’s self-employed, or an expat?

We had a lot of fun answering these, and if you’ve got a question of your own it’s not too late! Just click here to record a voice message straight into your computer, and we’ll answer in a future episode.

Resource of the week

We talk a lot about what fans we are of Evernote as a note taking app, but if you’re a big user of Google products already you might want to try Google Keep as an alternative.

For some reason it’s not very widely known, but it works well for capturing bits of information you don’t want to forget – whether that’s lists, photos or voice memos. One particularly cool feature is that you can set certain notes to remind you about things only when you’re in a particular location – so you won’t be bugged about picking something else to take to the office unless you happen to be at home.

Give it a try and let us know how you get on!

News this week

There’s been lots of talk about a property “bubble” in the media, but prices aren’t rising everywhere. This story identifies the 20 areas where prices have fallen furthest in the last year – and perhaps surprisingly, it includes some prime London boroughs as well as the usual suspects like the North East.

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