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This week we’re discussing 5 universal investment principles – inspired by an article on UKValueInvestor.com.

Those principles are:

  • Always buy at a discount (see our free BMV course for more)
  • Always add value
  • Ensure that the investment is cashflow positive
  • Always invest for the medium-to-long term
  • Stack the odds in your favour

During the discussion we mentioned a few previous episodes of the podcast that make good companion listening:

News this week

Speaking of the property cycle, have we had a “lost decade” in UK property prices? According to this article in This Is Money, by the time you strip out the distorting effect of London, yes we have.

We often mention how hard it is to make sense of what’s going on when everyone quotes “UK-wide” figures, because London is decoupled from the wider market and disproportionately affects the data. The article also has some interesting observations about how Land Registry data is compiled, so well worth a read in full.

Resource of the week

This week’s resource comes courtesy of Property Hub member Andy Norman, who recommends Lets With Pets. The site, put together by The Dogs Trust, is full of useful information for tenants and landlords about how to navigate the business of renting property when pets are involved – covering deposits, extra clauses in the AST, and other such matters.

If you’re considering opening your property up to the millions of tenants in the UK who have pets, it’s well worth taking a look at this advice to decide whether it’s for you and how to make sure it goes smoothly.

This week’s mentions

Next year, we’ll be putting on 4 very special events – which we’re calling The Property Hub Summit.

The basic idea? We get 20 people in a room with the two of us, and spend the whole day systematically working through everyone’s goals and challenges as a group – because great as the free information on the podcast and our courses is, there’s nothing like having a smart group of people giving you advice that’s directly applicable to your exact personal situation.

On 19th November at 7pm we’re holding a webinar to share all the details of these events and answer all your questions – and at the end, we’ll be opening up registrations for our very first Summit in January 2015.

Click here to book your place on the webinar

Join the conversation

What do you think of our universal investment principles?

Any of your own that you’d want to add?

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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