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Oh dear…it’s our property price predictions episode for 2015! We didn’t embarrass ourselves horribly last year, so we’re back to put our necks on the line again.

First we discussed some of the factors that could affect house prices in the year ahead, including:

  • The lending market
  • The general election
  • Pension reforms (for the full story, listen to Episode 57)
  • Stamp duty changes
  • A potential interest rate rise
  • The economies of China and Australia

We also rounded up the predictions that various experts have made for the year ahead, before finishing off with our own. So to find out what growth (or otherwise!) we’re predicting for the year ahead – plus what specifically we think will happen to the markets in London and further afield in China – you’ll have to listen to the episode!

Resource of the week

With thanks for Property Hub member Mark Morris, this week’s resource is Landlord Tap – a portal that takes the pain about informing water companies about changes of tenancy in your property.

It’s an online system that saves you from phone calls and emails, freeing up your time to do more exciting things – so follow Mark and use that extra time to contribute on The Property Hub!

News this week

This week’s news is a new entrant to the lending market as Fleet Mortgages has opened its doors.

More competition can only be a good thing for us as investors, especially as this new lender is friendly towards portfolio investors and also has products targeted at the very limited HMO market.

This week’s mentions

Thank you so much to everyone who came to The Property Hub Summit and our meetup last week – we had a fantastic time meeting everyone and talking non-stop about property from 8am until 8pm!

And for more property talk, The Property Geek Podcast is back! Make sure you subscribe to get each episode of Rob’s other podcast sent to you every week, and get another half-hour of free property education into your week.

Join the conversation

C’mon, we don’t want to be the only ones making ourselves look silly – we want your predictions too!

Which factors do you think will be most important when it comes to the property market this year? What do you think we’ve missed?

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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