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This episode is the first part of our mini-series, How To Become A Property Investor – in which we start with the preliminaries that you need to have in mind to prepare yourself, before we move on to basic investment concepts and the nitty gritty of doing a deal in parts two and three.

If you’re new to property, this is the perfect first episode to listen to – and if you’re more experienced, this is still well worth a listen because you might have got started without fully considering everything we talk about in this episode, and have had your progress held back as a result!

We discuss:

  • Why anyone would want to become a property investor in the first place
  • The questions you should ask yourself before getting started
  • The first steps you should take (before you so much as look at a property!)
  • Some general rules to remember, as a teaser for the rest of the series

We’re putting together one big resources page for this entire mini-series, where you’ll find an overview of each episode and all the links to other resources which go along with it. Check it out here!

Resource of the week

This week’s resource is Naminum – a free tool to help you choose a name for your business. Just put in a key word relating to what your business does, and it will generate hundreds of suggestions for you – some pretty terrible admittedly, but you only need to find one that you like!

News this week

Move over, London – Birmingham is the new hotspot for property investment in the UK. This is a really interesting story, because it shows how institutional investors are starting to take on more risk by investing in locations that have taken a battering in recent years (like Dublin and Madrid) over established cities that have been thriving. What might this tell us about the property cycle, and what we should be doing next as individual investors?

This week’s mentions

The laws of mathematics dictate that as this is episode 97, episode 100 can’t be far away! And we’ll be celebrating in style – with the launch of our new book, and plenty more festivities besides. Watch this space!

Join the conversation

Is there anything else you wish you’d known before you got started in property?

Or if you’re new to it all, do you still have questions that you’d like us to answer in future parts of this series?

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