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This week it’s part 2 of our mini-series, How To Become A Property Investor.

In this part, before we move on to the nitty gritty of how to secure your first investment next week, we run through the critical concepts that you need to understand before getting into property investment. Namely:

  • Capital growth and cashflow
  • Leverage
  • Gross yield, net yield and ROI
  • Inflation
  • Buy to let mortgages
  • Why property prices go up
  • Balancing risk and reward

We’ve put together one big resources page for this entire mini-series, where you’ll find an overview of each episode and all the links to other resources which go along with it. Check it out here!

Resource of the week

Courtesy of listener and great Hub contributer Silvio, this week’s resource is Glympse.

It might sound a bit creepy, but the idea is that you can share your location with the contact or contacts of your choice for a limited period of time so they can see where you are. So if someone is coming to meet you, share your location so they don’t have any trouble finding you – or if your kids are out on their own, get them to use Glympse so you can monitor their movements.

Yes, the days of saying “I’m at Maths club” while sneaking off to the park are long gone for today’s kids. Not that we ever did that, you understand…

News this week

We said last week that Birmingham has overtaken London as a hotspot for the big property funds, and it seems that luxury property in Birmingham is reaching London-esque proportions too – with this house being on the market at £2.5 million.

The news angle is…minimal, but it’s always fun to snoop at expensive houses – it’s got a climate-controlled cellar and everything…

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Are you finding this series useful? Is there anything else you wish you’d known before you started, if you’re a little more experienced?

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