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This week it’s the final part of our mini-series, How To Become A Property Investor. Having covered the main concepts in the last two parts, this week we got right into the nitty gritty of:

  • Finding your first investment
  • Arranging finance
  • Surviving the legals
  • Getting it tenanted
  • Sitting back and counting the cash!

The full notes for this mini-series – with links to a whole host of extra resources – are all in one handy place for you: just click here to read the shownotes for the whole How To Become A Property Investor series.

Resource of the week

Every so often, a company will insist that you send them a fax. Instead of begging, crying a bit and trying to explain the concept of email to them like we usually do, next time you can just use Free Fax To Email.

Bookmark it for one of those rare but annoying occasions when it’ll save you going off in search of a shop with a fax machine you can use. But seriously, couldn’t we just pass a law flat-out banning fax machines and save a lot of silliness?

News this week

Two tales of one city: on the one side, London’s most expensive property development is being planned, with an anticipated price tag of £300 million. Yet on the other, Foxtons’ profits have fallen (and I’m sure we’re all playing our tiny violins), suggesting that the “normal” London market isn’t in such great shape.

It’s always tough to figure out what’s going on with the London market, but these are two more data points to add into the mix.

This week’s mentions

This is Episode 99 of The Property Podcast, which can only mean one thing…we’re releasing a book next week!

No hang on, I missed a step out there: next week is Episode 100, and to celebrate we’re launching a book called “100 Property Investment Tips”. It’s co-authored between us and 30 members of The Property Hub, and we’re just a touch excited about it.

It will be free for the first 5 days – after which it’s not exactly going to break the bank, but we’ll still be sending you an email on the day of release to remind you to go and pick it up for nowt.

Join the conversation

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Are you becoming an investor now and have extra questions?

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