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“Crowdfunding” is a phenomenon which has changed the way companies, creators and businesses are able to raise finance – but how does it work when applied to property?

That’s what we discuss on this week’s show – covering:

  • What crowdfunding is
  • Under what circumstances it can be beneficial for people who want to invest in property
  • What the dangers are
  • Whether it’s something that, right now, you should be considering

Listen to the show for all the details!

Resource of the week

One of the factors in your due diligence when it comes to buying a property should be local levels of crime – and doing so is much easier thanks to the Crime Map app – available for iTunes and Android.

Thanks to Ammo for showing it to us at the last Property Hub Summit, and listen to the show for a great example of how he used it when assessing a potential deal.

News this week

The budget this week contained the surprise announcement of a “help-to-buy ISA” – where the government will put in a free 25p for every £1 that a first time buyer saves towards their deposit.

This BBC article has all the details – or at least, as many details as have currently been announced.

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If not, why not?

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