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“Pension freedom day” is almost upon us – the day when millions of people will be able to get access to their pension as cash for the first time. Will these people all run to the nearest estate agent to invest in property? Should they?

In this episode we discuss:

  • The full extent of the pension crisis that means changes are needed
  • The changes that are coming in on 6th April
  • The downside of the changes
  • Why some people will be looking at property investment
  • Which type of property investments are most suitable in this situation
  • What effect the changes will have on the property market

It’s an important one whether you’re of pension age or not, so take a listen!

Resource of the week

Want to listen to The Property Podcast with such audio clarity that you can pretty much hear Rob D frowning at yet another tenuous link? Or maybe you’re more interested in controlling your entire home speaker system from your phone?

Either way, Rob B recommends the Sonos 1 or Sonos 5 – probably our priciest resource of the week yet, but he swears it’s worth it…

News this week

We’re both in the midst of an Arnold Schwarzenegger obsession at the moment (our wives are suitably concerned) and as we mentioned in a previous episode, not many people know that Arnie made his first million in property rather than movies.

Well, he’s just given a presentation at an Australian property event in which he outlines his six top tips for success. And the good news is that as a Property Podcast listener, you should be doing most of these already…

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You can subscribe, and find out more, at thepropertyhub.net/magazine.

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What impact do you think it will have on the market as a whole?

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