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What with the podcast and The Property Hub, we speak to a lot of investors – and get asked a lot of questions (and we love it!). In this week’s episode, we round up the five questions that crop up the most – which are…

  • How do I find a below market value deal? It’s hard in my area.
  • What is a good return for a buy-to-let investment?
  • I have £XXX to invest…what should I do?
  • Should I form a company to buy property through?
  • Can you recommend a good…

None of those questions are easy ones to answer, but we do our best to avoid saying “it depends” and provide actual answers – or at least a framework for getting to those answers yourself. Check out the episode and see how we do!

Resource of the week

With thanks to Anthony Hubbard in The Property Hub for bringing it to our attention, this week’s resource is Property Tracker for Chrome.

Much like the popular (but temperamental) Property Bee for Firefox, this is a browser plugin that lets you know if any property on Rightmove has had its price changed since it was first listed. In our (limited) tests it’s performed very well, and it’s an effortless way of finding those properties where the vendor might be cutting the price because they’re getting desperate to sell…

News this week

Britain’s unhealthiest high streets have been revealed – with “unhealthy” defined as having a large number of businesses that are detrimental to the public good, like betting shops, loan shops and fast food outlets.

The healthiest high streets are listed too, so check it out and see how your local area fares!

Join the conversation

Do you strongly agree or disagree with any of our answers?

Any questions you think should have been added to our list?

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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