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If ever there was half an hour that could save you a heck of a lot of money, this is it. In this pretty advanced episode, we’re sharing some clever tax strategies – and even if they’re not relevant for you right now, we think you’ll be excited by what’s possible and how much control over your tax bill you really have as a property investor.

So, listen as we share…

  • Why you might not have any tax to pay at all in the early years of your property business
  • Whether you should invest through a limited company, and at what point it makes sense to make the switch
  • How to reduce your personal tax liability without owning properties through a company
  • The little-known magic of benefits in kind

You might not have seen your future self sitting down and getting excited by listening to two blokes talk about tax, but go with us on this – we think you’ll be surprised!

And for some more entry-level (but still very powerful) concepts, check out the free tax course on The Property Hub.

Resource of the week

Rob B is terrified of emailing Rob D because he’s such a stickler for correct grammar…but now there’s no need to live in fear of pedants like Mr Dix, thanks to Grammarly.

It’s a plugin for your Chrome browser that’s far more powerful than your average spellchecker – its clever algorithms allow it to spot not just typos but incorrect grammatical usage, commonly misused words and all sorts more besides. And it’s free!

News this week

Buy-to-let has outclassed all other investment classes by far since 1996, as The Telegraph reports.

The magic ingredient? Leverage – without which the returns are still good but nowhere near as dramatic. You could argue that this is all well and good until we have a recession characterised by high interest rates – which we’ll be addressing in next week’s episode…

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Are you using any of these clever tax strategies? And do you swear by any others that we didn’t mention?

We’d love to know, so join the discussion in The Property Hub!

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